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Water saving tips for summer

Save water this summer

As the weather heats up, the amount of water we use goes up, too. Hoses and sprinklers use up to 1,000 litres of water per hour – that’s more than 12 baths! The good news is there are some simple steps you can take to reduce how much you use. This will help to make sure there’s more to go around this summer.

A person filling a watering can from a water butt in the garden.

Swap your hose for a watering can

Save water and keep your plants happy by swapping the hose for a watering can. You’ll only use a fraction as much water as you would with a hose.

Water at night, gardener’s delight

Keep your plants cool and watered by moving them into the shade on hot days. Then water them with a watering can in the evening. Watering at the roots will help your plants make use of all the water you give them. It'll also prevent leaves from scorching when the sun comes out.

Watering your plants at dusk or dawn when it’s cooler outside will help you lose less water to evaporation. Spreading a layer of mulch around your plants will also help the soil under it retain moisture for longer. This means happier plants and less time spent watering.

If you’re looking for some new additions to your garden, why not try some drought-resistant plants? Lavender thrives without much water, and it’s great for the bees, too! Wildflowers like poppies, cornflowers and sea holly can tolerate dry weather while adding a lovely splash of colour.

Collect rainwater with a water butt

Unlike us, our plants prefer to drink rainwater. A water butt is a great way to keep them happy while saving money off your water bill.

New water butts have come a long way from the old green plastic bins. From oak barrels to clay pots, there’s something for everyone.

Let your lawn grow longer

Longer grass creates more shade for the soil under it, trapping moisture and helping your lawn stay lush for longer. Letting your lawn grow will also help its roots to grow longer, making it stronger in the long run.

Lawns are tough, and you might be surprised at how quickly they can bounce back after a good rainfall. Letting your lawn go brown in dry weather will help ensure there’s enough water to go around.

Less time mowing and watering the lawn means more time to enjoy the sunshine!

Recycle your paddling pool water

A comparison of the average British paddling pool in 1971 versus 2021. The 1971 paddling pool holds 100 litres, while the 2021 paddling pool holds 5,000 litres.

Paddling pools have changed a lot over the years. While the average paddling pool in 1971 held around 100 litres, in 2021 they can hold a whopping 5,000 litres. That’s around 20,000 cups of tea!

You can make that water go further and save money on your bill by reusing it. When the fun's all done, use the leftover water to wash the dog, clean your car or water the garden.

You can even cover the paddling pool to use it again. An old fitted sheet is perfect for keeping your pool water free from leaves, twigs and bugs overnight. Reducing refills will help to keep water flowing, even when it's in high demand.

3,2,1, water fight!

Put buckets of water around the garden to refill your water pistols. Chaos outside, peace and quiet inside.

Switching the hose for a water pistol can also make saving water and caring for plants fun for the whole family!

Fill your dishwasher

Summer salads, picnics, BBQs and ice creams often mean less washing up. Save water, electricity, and dishwasher tablets by only starting the dishwasher once it’s fully loaded.

Cool down without the cold shower

Instead of jumping back in the shower, cool off and save water with a damp towel or a spray bottle.

Wash your car with a bucket and sponge

Switch the hose for a bucket to keep your car clean while protecting your water pressure when demand is high.

Better yet, delay washing the car for a while and put your feet up instead!

Challenge your mates

Challenge your friends and family to a four-minute shower, or a cold shower if you're brave enough. Prizes optional.

Keep drinking water

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water when you’re out in the sunshine. Keep a jug of water in the fridge to help you cool off when you need it. Take a reusable bottle when out and about so you can top up while on the move.

Learn more about saving water all year round.