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When your water comes back on

We’re sorry if you’ve unexpectedly had a problem with your water. We know how difficult it is when your supply is disrupted.

Please make sure that you turn off any taps you might have tried to use while your water has been off. 

Why didn’t we warn you?

Sometimes, this type of issue is impossible to predict. For example, a water pipe might burst, there could be an unexpected issue at a treatment works, or one of our pipes could have been damaged. Whenever there’s an emergency of this sort, we’ll work as fast as we can to get things back to normal.

My water looks cloudy – why is that?

If your water looks cloudy when you turn your tap back on, it’s likely to be tiny air bubbles trapped in the water, which sometimes happens when pipes burst.

This is harmless, and if you pour a glass of water you should see the bubbles clear from the bottom of the glass upwards. The cloudiness should disappear if you run your cold kitchen tap for a couple of minutes. Learn more about this on our help page.

Why is the water coming out of my tap more slowly?

Sometimes the force that pushes water through the pipes, known as the pressure, can take a while to build up again following an incident, so please allow time for this.

At first, your water might splutter out of your tap when it comes back on, but this should clear if you run your cold kitchen tap for a couple of minutes.

What should I do if I have another problem with my water?

Occasionally a burst pipe can cause other issues – for example, if a large amount of air gets trapped in your water pipes. If you continue to experience problems with your water or you notice any unusual taste or odour, please contact us.

What if I need extra support in the future?

Could you, a family member or a friend benefit from a helping hand during a similar incident – for example, due to health reasons, disability or age? Find out more about the free support we can provide when you sign up to our priority services register.

Will I get compensation?

You won’t need to apply for compensation. If you qualify for a payment under our Customer Guarantee Scheme, we’ll automatically credit your Thames Water account within 20 working days.