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Our Customer Guarantee Scheme is there to make fixed payments to you when we don’t deliver against our core standards of service. These payments are normally made automatically by crediting your Thames Water account within a month of the issue.

A Thames Water employee visiting a customer at their home

There are a few areas where we will offer fixed payments. Learn more about these below.

I haven’t been compensated yet. What’s going on?

We aim to send you a letter about your compensation within one month of the issue. We’ll usually credit your account or send you a cheque within this time.

If you don’t have an account with us but you’re still our customer, for example if your landlord pays the bill, we’ll write asking for your details so that we can send you a cheque.

Sometimes we’re delayed, but we’ll always include extra compensation to say sorry.

Please wait one month before getting in contact with us.

Haven’t heard from us?

If you think you should receive a payment from us as part of our Customer Guarantee Scheme but you haven’t heard from us within one month, you can make a claim. You’ll need to do this within three months of the incident.

Claim compensation

What if I’m a business owner?

Please get in touch with the company who sends your water bill to learn more about their compensation policy.