Water Direct scheme

Water Direct can help you if you owe us money and cant pay your bill.

Eligibility criteria

Run in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Water Direct allows you to combine your yearly bill with your arrears and pay weekly straight from your benefits.

Who's eligible for Water Direct?

  • Your account has to be active
  • The account is in debt of £50 or more (this includes current year's charges)
  • Has had two failed payment plans
  • Are in receipt of any of the below:
    • Income Support
    • Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
    • Pension Credit
    • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
    • Universal credit

To work out approximately how much you’ll need to pay, divide your yearly charges by 52 (to work out how much is needed to cover the current year’s bill) then, add £3.70 towards arrears (this amount is set by the DWP). The exact figure will be confirmed once you’ve been accepted onto the scheme

Apply for Water Direct scheme

If your application is successful, you won’t need to worry about further debt recovery action being taken.

Many customers find that payments are easier to manage as they are spread in a more affordable way.

Did you know

A number of the main welfare benefits are being replaced by Universal Credit. This means the way you receive your benefits may change.

Find out more about Universal Credit

Next steps

Completing our online form will allow us to apply to the DWP to receive regular payments from your benefits.

The details you provide will be passed to JobCentre Plus and it can take six to eight weeks to process the application. Under our privacy policy, we will tell JobCentre Plus about any money you owe us on their request.

We don’t share your details with anyone else.

More help

If you don't receive any of the qualifying benefits, there are lots of other ways we can help you to pay what you owe and stop debt recovery action.

Download our leaflet, or contact us for more information:

How to get help if you can't pay your bill (0.12MB)

Important contact details

Benefit centre: Job Centre Plus

Contact telephone number: 03456088545

Pension service telephone number: 03456060265

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