Why save water in Oxford?

Oxford and surrounding areas are classed as 'seriously water stressed' by the Environment Agency. This means we have to do whatever we can to ensure water is used carefully, in order to protect the environment and ensure there is enough to go round for all our customers, whatever the weather.

We live in a country where it seems to rain a lot, but we can receive less water than places like Sydney or Istanbul. There is also greater pressure on the amount of water we have available, with increasing population and changing weather patterns, making it more important for us to be Water Smart.

The water we use in our homes plays such an important part of our daily lives that it's easy to turn on the tap without thinking about it. But to help us make sure there is enough water to go around, we need to use what we need and save where we can.

There are three simple things you can do to save water

In Oxford we are doing all we can to help save water too. Last year we saved over 230 million litres of water in Oxford, that’s enough to fill the Bodleian library 7.4 times. Find out how we're saving water

Other things you can do:

Because there really is no substitute for water.