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If Southern Water provides your clean water and we take away your wastewater, you should be aware that Southern Water is installing water meters for all its customers.

How is my wastewater calculated?

Your wastewater bill will be based on 90% of the water you use, as that is what we take away. So the less water you use means the less water we take away and the lower your wastewater bill will be.

We won’t change the way your wastewater bill is calculated for two years after Southern Water has fitted your meter, unless you ask us to. You’ll continue to receive your bill from us as normal.

Over that period we will write to you, showing what your wastewater bill would be if you were charged using your meter. This will happen around three months after the activation of your meter by Southern Water, then every six months after that.

This will give you an idea what your wastewater bill is likely to be when we do start charging you using your meter.

What could my wastewater metered bill be?

Average annual metered waste water charges for 2015/16:

Number of occupants Low usage Medium usage High usage
1 £94 £105 £120
2 £125 £146 £170
3 £150 £172 £201
4 £167 £192 £225
5 £186 £218 £250
6 £207 £245 £280

Change to a metered wastewater bill now

If we have already written to you explaining how your wastewater account will be affected, then all you need to do is click the link below – we’ll update your account within ten working days and send you confirmation of the change.

Request a metered wastewater bill

You can also fill in our paper-based form which we will be sending to all our customers affected by the change – this includes a pre-paid envelope to return it.

Your questions answered

To find out more about the switch, and the benefits of metering, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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