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Saving water can reduce both your water and energy bills. 

Whether you’re in charge of a production line, restaurant, hair salon or office block, we can help you save water, energy and money without reducing performance.

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Getting the right advice

Did you know, just one leaking toilet could cost you up to £300 per year in wasted water, while an unmanaged urinal (which flushes regularly day and night) could cost your business up to £550 more per year than one that is only flushed when needed?

From saving hundreds of pounds on leaking toilets to improving cleaning processes and using rainwater to maintain grounds, our free ‘Saving water in your business’ advice pack is full of easy ways for you to cut down on your water use.

Not only will this help you save money, but our advice can help you reduce your business’ impact on the environment. Using less water is more important than ever. Our region is classed as ‘water stressed’ by the Government, which means we need to protect the water we have so there is enough to go round in future.

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