Care for the Kennet

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To view our FAQs, please follow this lThe less water we use, the more there'll be in the river – so save water to protect your local river and start caring for the Kennet.
That’s the core message of the Care for the Kennet campaign, which is running in the Marlborough and Hungerford areas of Wiltshire and West Berkshire. ink.

Cherish every drop

Low flows concentrate pollutants, increase temperatures, decrease oxygen levels, make silt-clogging more likely and reduce the available habitat for invertebrates and fish. We are asking people to cherish every drop of water so the River Kennet can keep flowing at a healthy level and keep supporting its wildlife habitats.

We are working in partnership with the Action for the River Kennet (ARK) environmental group.

Visit the Action for the River Kennet website

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Kennet facts

  • River route: The Kennet runs from Swallowhead Springs in Wiltshire to Reading, where it joins the River Thames.

  • River length: 45 miles

  • Points where we take water: Underground boreholes at Clatford, Ramsbury, Malborough, Axford and Hungerford. 

  • Areas supplied: The Kennet provides Marlborough, Aldbourne, Ramsbury, Hungerford and south Swindon's water.