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London trunk mains projects 

We're investing in our region by replacing trunk mains in London.

Our trunk mains have the important role of moving large volumes of drinkable water. They move water from treatment works across the network to various service reservoirs. That’s how we get clean drinking water to your taps.

Much of the trunk main network was built in the early 19th century using simple techniques. There often wasn't consistent quality control when creating the water mains.

So, we're investing to upgrade those mains which will help to: 

  • Provide a more reliable drinking water supply
  • Reduce leaks and burst pipes
  • Ready pipes for a growing population
  • Increase the amount of water carried
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Where we are working 

We'll be replacing trunk mains across London throughout the year. Here you can find updates on the individual projects:

Pentonville Road

Project reference: BB70079666.

We'll be working in phases on Pentonville Road from February 2024 through to 2026.

View Pentonville project 

Mile End Road

Project reference: BB70058388.

The Mile End Road project will be worked in phases from March 2024 until 2026.

View Mile End project  

Baker Street

Project reference: BB70062790.

The Baker Street project will be worked in phases from April 2024 until 2026.

View Baker Street project