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Let life flow with Red Rickshaw

Let life flow with Red Rickshaw

Red Rickshaw is the UK's largest online Asian grocery store, where you can find all the ingredients you need to create the perfect meal. We’re working together to promote our bin it – don’t block it message and help you keep life flowing.

A man and woman are in the kitchen with a Red Rickshaw box and some ingredients on the table.

The ingredients for (clean-up) success

We hope you love making amazing dishes with your Red Rickshaw ingredients. Just remember to dispose of your oils and fats properly – nothing ruins the flow of a great dinner like a blocked pipe.

All you need is a leak-proof container (an old yoghurt pot, tin can or pickle jar will do) and your bin. Then it’s easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Let the fat, grease or oil cool
  2. Pour cooled fat into disposable container
  3. Pop your container of fat into the bin or scrape out and use again

That’s it! Now you’re ready to sit back and let life flow.

You’ll find more tips on how to let life flow on our bin it – don’t block it page.

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