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It's everyone's water

A  montage of images including a child drinking from a tap and some children blowing bubbles

Our purpose is to deliver life’s essential service so our customers, communities and the environment can thrive.

Water is life’s great leveler. Every living thing needs it, every single day. From people to plants, birds to bees, farms to factories, we all need it to thrive and we’re committed to taking care of it for us all.

But the truth is, keeping water flowing is becoming harder. From scorching summers to wetter winters, extreme weather affects everything from the condition of our pipes to the water levels of our local rivers.

As the number of people living in our area grows, we need to keep millions more kettles boiling, public services operating, washing machines spinning, showers running and more, so every drop is more precious than ever.

Our path to a new world of water

In 2021, we launched our eight-year turnaround plan. Our aim is to always deliver brilliant customer service and environmental performance – they are the biggest priorities for our turnaround plan.

The three focus areas of our plan remain the same: fix the basics, raise the bar and shape the future.

Fixing today and building resilience for tomorrow

We’re acting now using our expertise to solve urgent problems in three areas including our network, environment, and our customer experience. As well as putting plans in place for 2050 and beyond.

Upgrading our water network

Thames workers in a large tunnel

Investing in miles of pipes

We’re investing an additional £700m to upgrade hundreds of miles of pipes between 2022 and 2025. Using innovative technology to minimise disruption for you. Take a look at our key projects.

A Thames worker leaves gets out of their van in the street

Taking steps to future proof

For the next 100 years we’re future-proofing the network. We have over 200 teams working round the clock finding and fixing over 1,300 leaks per week. Find out how we're tackling leaks.

A Thames worker checks for leaks

Detecting leaks

We’re helping to detect thousands of leaks in customers' homes with smart meters. Smart meters also give you more control over your water use to help you save money and water.

Improving our long-term impact on the environment

Two Thames workers with hard hats on check on equipment

Ensuring a dependable service

We’re doubling our network investment and upgrading over 200 sewage treatment works and kilometres of sewer pipes to help improve local river health and our service.

An aerial view of a river

Protecting our much-loved rivers

We want to do more to help our much-loved rivers. That’s why we're working hard to protect our rivers with a range of river health projects.

Thames workers inspect a large tunnel

Reducing spills in the tidal Thames

By taking over the Thames Tideway Tunnel we are helping to reduce spills by 95% which is the biggest spills reduction project ever.

A strip of land with a path between two large bodies of water

Working with communities

We’re working collaboratively with farmers, fishermen and other water companies to help local rivers thrive. View our smarter water catchment programmes.

Providing a better customer experience

A mother and child washing up at the sink

Supporting more customers

We’re helping to support 53,000 more customers over the next year with our affordability schemes. Find out more about our Priority Services.

An agent takes a phone call

Bringing call centres back to the UK

To answer your calls quicker than ever, we’re bringing call centres back to the UK. This has helped reduce complaints by 43% in the first six months of 2022-23.

Engaging with our customers 

Our latest advertising campaign features Otis the otter, a Thames Water customer keen to understand what we're doing to look after his precious water.

In the ad, he meets some of our Thames Water team to find out how we’re maintaining and upgrading our pipes, for now and the next 100 years. Take it away, Otis... 

Thank you for playing your part

With over 7,000 employees here at Team Thames, each and every one of us cares about the role we play.

Along with those of our regulators, the government and local campaigners, your actions can protect life’s most precious resource. From saving water with shorter showers to only flushing the three Ps (pee, poo and paper) down the loo, you’re making a difference too.

See how you could save water with our water saving tips.

Thank you for helping us keep taps flowing for generations to come.

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