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What we stand for

Over the last few months, we’ve defined our Purpose and re-evaluated the strategy behind it. We then set new near-term priorities, directly aligned to our strategy, and established Behaviours to support our long-standing company Values.

These all come together to form our Big Picture. This sets a clear direction for the future as we commit to living true to our Purpose.

Thames Water staff on site

Our purpose

To deliver life's essential service, so our customers, communities and the environment can thrive.

Our strategic ambitions

  • Deliver brilliant customer engagement
  • Invest in resilient systems and assets
  • Generate public value

Our priorities

Every year we set new priorities to achieve our strategic ambitions.

Our values and behaviours

Be proud, be blue

We celebrate and promote the great things we do.

Take care

We look after ourselves, our customers and our environment.

Take ownership

We own problems until resolved.

Reach higher, be better

We're always learning, always improving.

Passionate about everything we do

We genuinely listen to others, to show that we care.

Be respectful and value everyone

We embrace differences and work as a team.