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Water connection timescales

When you apply for a water connection, we’ll complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent any delays to your development.

If you're connecting a non-household property, you'll need to appoint a retailer for the site.

Supply pipe connection

Once you’ve paid your quote and your pipework has passed our Water Regulations inspection, we’ll start planning a connection date.

This typically takes up to three months because of the permissions we need to get before carrying out work in a road or footpath, or on privately-owned land.

The work itself is likely to take up to four days to complete.

New water main

Once you’ve paid your quote, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to confirm the scope of works, lead times, on-site facilities and any traffic management requirements. We'll also talk to the local authority and other bodies responsible for roads and traffic.

We’ll plan to construct the main in line with your phasing requirements, and within 90 days of you accepting your quote.

Learn more about the application process for a new water main.