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Apply for clean water services

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Apply and pay for our clean water services. This includes new mains or service connections, using water for building work, disconnecting existing supplies, and diverting or abandoning pipes.

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Please choose one of the following clean water application processes

Using a self-lay provider

Independent self-lay providers could offer cost-effective terms and fit in better with your construction programme and might also be able to install multiple utilities.

Water connection processes

Information about the process of getting a new water connection and the timescales involved.

New mains or connections

Find out how you apply for a new water main or service connections on an existing main.


If you no longer need the water supply for a development, read more about how to get it disconnected.


Find out how to divert or relocate water mains or other assets.

Water for building works

Find out how to arrange a water supply during the construction process.

Water meters

All new supplies should be metered. Find out what’s involved.