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Planning your development

Using a self-lay provider

Independent self-lay providers could offer cost-effective terms and fit in better with your construction programme and might also be able to install multiple utilities.

Illustration of Thames Water technicians

Where our pipes are

We’ve put together some information to help you through the pre-planning phase of your development. Check on a map that your development is within the area we supply.

Working near our pipes

Find out what you’ll need to do if any of your works are planned above or near our pipes or other assets.

Trade effluent

If you need to dewater sites, remove groundwater, or discharge any liquid waste from your construction work, you’ll need to apply for consent from our Trade Effluent Team.

Water and wastewater capacity

Are you considering a new development site? A pre-planning enquiry can help you find out if network capacity exists and avoid delays later in the process.

Budget estimates

Find out how to estimate the cost of your development.

Traffic management

We work hard to make sure disruption to drivers and pedestrians is kept to a minimum.