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Manhole covers

Manholes may be dangerous if the cover is damaged or missing. It's really important that they're maintained and replaced if needed.

How to recognise a manhole cover

We should be able to identify covers from our plans and records if you get in contact with us. Here are a few examples of what our manhole covers look like.

manhole covers

Manholes inside your property boundary

If you have a manhole inside your property boundary and it serves only your property, this is your responsibility to maintain. If it serves other properties as well, please contact us and we’ll confirm who has responsibility.

If you're unsure whether the manhole inside your property boundary serves multiple properties, please call us. We may be able to confirm it over the phone. If we can't, we'll send someone to take a look. 

Manholes outside of your property boundary

We’re responsible for manholes that are outside of property boundaries. If you spot a broken or missing manhole cover which you believe is ours, please let us know. We'll visit to make the area safe, and we’ll replace or repair any damaged covers that are ours.