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No water or low pressure

If you've got no water or low pressure, we have a step by step guide to work out what the problem is and how to fix it.

Search for incidents in your area

Check our interactive map with the latest information on known incidents near you. If you can't see any incidents in your area, continue the steps below.

Try your cold kitchen tap

Your main water supply normally enters your home through the cold kitchen or utility room tap.

If water comes out of this tap but not elsewhere, such as your shower or bathroom tap, the problem is with your internal plumbing.

Check your stop valves are open

Your inside and outside stop valves need to be fully open for your water to be on and at the best pressure.

Check for frozen pipes

Cold weather can freeze your pipes, making them more likely to expand and burst. You can usually spot a frozen pipe by the light coating of frost around it. If this happens, don't worry, read our help page for advice on what to do.

Check with your neighbours

If there’s no issue with your neighbour's water supply, the problem is likely to be with your plumbing. If you live in a block of flats, check for known issues with your building maintenance contact, your local authority or the managing agent of the building.

If there is also a problem with your neighbour's supply, it might be something we’re not aware of.

If you have checked everything above and still have a problem, please contact us.

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