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Here to help if you lose water supply

Our commitment to support you

If your water’s off due to issues with our network and you’re unable to leave your house, we’ll try to prioritise the delivery of bottled water to those who are at highest risk on our Priority Services Register first.

Please do bear with us as this can take some time, but we’ll do our best to provide extra help to those who need it most.

Register for priority services

A Thames Water employee shows a customer their ID on the doorstep

What you can do if something goes wrong

Here are ways you can be prepared before, during and after something’s gone wrong.

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Store bottles of water in advance

In case something goes wrong, keep some bottled water on hand, as it can take us some time to deliver water to those on the PSR.

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Keep valuables in a safe place

Prepare a kit with essential items such as medication and important documents, so they're safe in one place and easy to access.

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Stay informed via our social media accounts and website

Visit our network latest page or check out our Twitter for the latest updates on incidents occurring in your area.


Check on your vulnerable neighbours

It may take time for us to help those who need it most. Please check on your neighbours to ensure they're safe and have access to essentials.

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Be mindful of water usage

When the water comes back on, please limit the amount you use and try not to take more than you need.

How we can help provide bottled water

If you’re unable to get bottled water yourself during an unexpected incident due to illness, an injury impacting mobility or a short-term situation, call us on 0800 316 9800. Please call us as soon as the incident occurs.

For circumstances that last over two weeks, please register for Priority Services.

We aim to set up bottled water stations if a large number of customers are likely to be without water for a significant amount of time during an incident. If an incident has occurred and we are providing bottled water, you can find information for this on our Twitter and network latest page and clicking on the incident. 

If you're impacted by supply interruptions

We’ll issue compensation automatically to our domestic customers in line with our Customer Guarantee Scheme if they are impacted by supply interruptions. Our commercial customers should contact their retailers. 

You can also find out what to expect when your water returns on our website.