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Water saving tips

If you’re motivated to save water, you’re doing the right thing for the community, the environment and the planet.

Our region’s supply is under pressure like never before. This is due to a sharp rise in population as well as an increase in extreme weather events. If we want to have a safe supply for future generations, we all need to save every drop we can, right now.

Smart meters are rolling out for everyone, making it easy to track your usage online. We've put together some water saving tips to help you save water:

A young child washes a mug in the sink

A lady turns on the shower

Take shorter showers

Shaving two minutes off the average 10 minute shower saves £73 on water and energy bills a year and 20 litres of water, per person.

A father and child load the washing machine

Reduce your washes

By reducing the number of weekly washes by two, could save you £46 on water and energy bills. 

A customer fixes a leak loo

Fix leaky loos

From a trickle, ripple or full flow, leaky loos on average waste 200-400 litres a day. It can add £100’s to your yearly bill.

No water coming from bathroom tap

Turn off the tap

 You might be in a rush – but always turn the tap off when you brush! A running tap uses up to nine litres of water a minute. 

A mother and daughter wash vegetables in the sink

Get creative in the kitchen

Use a bowl in the sink to wash your fruit, veg and dishes. Plus you can use the leftover water to give your plants a drink or wash the patio! 

A lady uses a water butt in her garden

No ifs, just butts

Collecting rainwater off your roof into a water butt is a great way to save water. And your plants prefer fresh rain over treated water!  

Check for a leak

Our handy leaks page goes through how you can check for a leak in your homeIf you need help with plumbing work, we have a range of WaterSafe approved plumbers available.

It's everyone's water

Use our water saving calculator to check your water use. If you, or someone you know needs extra support, we have a range of services that can help.

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Water saving calculator

Try our online calculator to see how much water and energy you use each year.

Check your water usage

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Extra support

If you or someone you know needs water to manage a medical condition, join our Priority Services.

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