Why are we fitting meters?

Our forecasts show that unless we do something now, there will be a shortfall of around 130 million litres of water a day in London by 2025. That’s the amount of water needed by approximately 850,000 people. As our population grows, the amount of water we need will increase. We also have to understand and plan for the effect that climate change has on water supplies.

Fitting smart water meters is just one of the ways we can manage precious water supplies for the future. Meters help us manage water demand, as typically metered customers use 12% less water, and they also help us find leaks so we can fix these quickly.

Every five years, water companies are required* to develop a Water Resources Management Plan. This sets out how we intend to maintain a secure supply of water for customers over at least the next 25 years. Metering, reducing leakage and exploring the development of new sources of water are all part of this plan.

*Water Industry Act 1991

Smarter home visits

As part of fitting meters we are offering customers a free Smarter Home Visit, where we visit your home, review how you are using water and provide you with bespoke water saving tips and free water efficient gadgets. This is available to all our customers starting with London and working borough by borough. This approach means all customers are treated in a fair and consistent manner, helping everyone use water more efficiently. To find out when we're working in your area click here.

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