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Southern Water has now finished their compulsory metering roll out and Affinity and South East’s programmes are currently underway.

Being on a meter not only impacts how much you pay for the clean water you use but also how much you pay for the wastewater that’s taken away. For example the less water you use means the less water we take away and therefore the lower your wastewater bill will be.

There are some Southern Water, South East Water and Affinity customers which have their wastewater taken away by Thames Water. Once you’ve switched over to a metered bill Thames Water will charge you for wastewater based on your metered water use. You do not need to do anything as your wastewater bill is combined with your clean water supplier’s bill.

If you are a Southern Water, South East Water or Affinity customer you can find out more about when your water and wastewater bill will be based on your meter using the links below.

Southern Water

South East Water

Affinity Water

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