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Using less water will save you money on your metered water bill. Many people don’t realise that using less hot water could save you even more money on your energy bills. Your water use (for showers, baths, washing up etc.) is the second biggest part of your energy bill, comprising around a fifth of the total bill, this is on average about £140 per year*.

*source: Energy Saving Trust

Helping you save 

We are offering everyone with a smart meter a free Smarter Home visit.  Our team of advisors can help you save water, energy and money and make sure you get the most from your new smart meter. If you’d like a visit please call us on
0800 6226623.

  • Get the latest water-saving gadgets professionally fitted around your home 
  • Get expert advice on how to reduce your bills 
  • Find out how to make the most of your smart meter
  • Get a free benefits entitlement check and debt advice

If you don’t want to book a personal visit you can still calculate how much water and energy you use in your home and where you could make savings by using our water saving calculator.

What our customers say

"Very helpful - Thames Water explained everything clearly, gave us great advice, and fitted useful gadgets to help us to save water."
Enfield customer

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