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Our latest results

Our annual results

We've published our Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2020/21, as well as Annual Performance Report 2020/21.

Hear from our CEO, Sarah Bentley, about our performance and our business turnaround plan.

Results headlines:

Robust response to the impact of Covid-19

  • Ensuring resilient supplies and extra support for customers and communities

Mixed performance in key operational metrics, with clear areas for improvement

  • Met 26 of 49 performance commitments, resulting in net penalty of around £50 million; supply interruptions, sewer flooding, blockages, mains bursts and C-MeX below target
  • Pollutions reduced by 10 per cent during 2020, with fresh approach to protecting rivers and the environment
  • Achieved leakage reduction target for second year in a row

Launched Thames Water’s performance turnaround plan

  • New Executive leadership team with ‘frontline first’ focus on improving service to customers and reducing complaints

Financial performance

  • Total revenue £2.1 billion (Mar 20: £2.2 billion)
  • Investment of £1.1 billion in network and other assets with around £20 billion invested over the last 20 years
  • £198.5 million total loss after tax (Mar 20: £244.6 million profit) driven primarily by a non-cash loss on financial instruments.
  • £32.9 million paid to immediate parent company to service group interest obligations and working capital requirements (Mar 20: £56.5 million); no distributions to external shareholders for fourth year in a row
  • Paid over £229 million in business rates, national insurance contributions, PAYE and other taxes (Mar 20: £196 million)

Learn more in our news release or download the reports below.

This year, we’ve split out our Annual Performance Report from our Annual Report and Sustainability Report, which we hope will make it easier for you to find the information you need.

Below we’ve also split out the Sustainability Report section from our Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

The cover of our annual report 2020/21

Our Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2020/21

Download the full report
The cover of our annual performance report 2020/21

Our Annual Performance Report 2020/21

Download the full report
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Read the sustainability section of our Annual Report and Sustainability Report

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