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Drainage and wastewater management plan

We’re creating our first Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP).

This is a long-term plan over 25 years or more. It sets out the future challenges for our drainage and wastewater systems and the actions needed to manage them.

Have your say soon

Our public consultation will open on Thursday 30 June. It will run until Thursday 22 September.

We’ll be inviting you to give your feedback on the draft plan. As part of our public consultation, we’ll be publishing:

  • A draft plan
  • Summary documents
  • Technical appendices
  • Catchment strategy plans
  • A strategic environmental assessment

Following consultation, we’ll respond to comments and finalise the plan using the feedback to guide us. You can learn more about the DWMP on our portal.

We’ll publish our final DWMP in March 2023. This will support the development of our PR24 business plan for 2025 to 2030.

How we created our plan

We worked through five stages of the DWMP framework:

Supporting documents

As part of our plan, we’re developing the following:

Working with partners

It’s critical to work with partners on our plan, including the Environment Agency, local authorities, and the Highways Agency. We’ve uploaded data about our plan to a partner portal so we can work together. Please email us to request access.