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Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP)

A changing climate and growing population present increasing challenges to how we manage wastewater now and in the future.

We've developed a Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan with customers and stakeholders. This 25-year plan will reduce future pressures on our wastewater service. It sets out our approach and the investment needed to deliver a sustainable service that protects the environment, for generations to come.

Watch the video to learn more about our DWMP from Tessa Fayers, Thames Water’s Director of Wastewater Operations in London.


Our DWMP aims

Our pipes and sewers collect your wastewater from loos and washing machines, along with rainwater that runs into drains. We treat it before returning it back into rivers and waterways. But this is getting more difficult, and we know we’ve got a lot to do to get our wastewater service right.

We're committed and already making strides. Over the last four years, we've been working with our customers and stakeholders to develop a DWMP based on our shared priorities. Its aims are to:

  • Have less homes that are at risk of flooding than there are now

  • Improve our rivers by reducing the amount of time storm overflows discharge into them

  • Bring more nature into our towns and cities

  • Keep customer bills affordable




Access our final plan together with summaries, technical appendices and data.

Our regional plans and portals

View our plans for London and the Thames Valley through our catchment strategic plans (CSP) and portals.

DWMP explained

We explain the purpose and aims of our DWMP and its development stages.

Creating our DWMP together

Discover how we co-created our shared plan with customers and stakeholders.

Our DWMP headlines

We summarise what our shared plan will deliver over the next 25 years.

What this plan means for you

Our DWMP covers how we’ll manage wastewater and flooding across our region, and lots more. Here’s what it means for you:

Future protection

We’re planning long term so we can protect future generations, alongside making sure we’re delivering the best service we can for our existing customers.

Affordable bills

We’ll be keeping bills affordable by taking a phased approach to our DWMP work and spreading the costs over the long term.

Peace of mind

We’ll be delivering all of our regulatory requirements and reinvesting the money from your bills where it counts, to make sure the areas most at risk are protected.

Improving rivers

We’ll be improving your local river by enhancing the resilience of our sewage treatment works and reducing sewer overflows into the environment, particularly during heavy storms.

Community spaces

We’re aiming to improve community spaces and create more of them for you to enjoy, through our ‘green’ partnership projects.

How you can help

Find out what you can do to protect our drainage and wastewater services.

DWMP Cycle 2

We’ll update our shared plan every five years. We look forward to continuing to work with you to gain your views and feedback as part of this process. Our next DWMP will be published for public consultation in 2027.

Get in touch

Contact us for more information on our DWMP, to share your views or to get involved.

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