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Drainage and wastewater management

Creating resilient wastewater catchments

We’re managing wastewater and drainage issues more proactively to make sure your local area is ready for the impact of climate change and population growth.

Just as our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP)  helps to protect your future water supply, we’re now creating a detailed Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) to manage your wastewater more effectively.

Our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP)

All water companies in England and Wales are committed to preparing DWMPs for the first time.

We work in diverse catchments, each with varying population levels, development opportunities and drainage capabilities, so our DWMP needs to support the whole of our region to protect your community and the environment long term. That’s why our DWMP must be partnership-led.

Since early 2019, we’ve been mapping catchments and compiling data to develop our DWMP. Over the coming years, we’ll be discussing the information we hold about our region with our stakeholders and taking on board their feedback and regional data. This is to make sure we’re making proactive decisions and prioritising interventions for areas with the biggest drainage and wastewater management issues.

Our first DWMP needs to be ready to for consultation in summer 2022 with the final plan completed the following Spring ahead of the next price review. DWMP plans will then be reiterated every five years.

A picture of a group wearing fluorescent jackets on the edge of a river looking into the water

How to support the DWMP

By working together, we can make a successful and collaborative DWMP which benefits everyone.

Do you have datasets about your catchment/local area that might be useful to our plan? Will it help us create solutions to problems near you? If so, email us.

You can now also use our new portal to explore our region and see the information from each stage of our DWMP as we progress:

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