5 alternatives to wet wipes

Dirty hands

Help us fight the fatberg by switching from wet wipes to more sewer-friendly alternatives. Struggling to see how? No worries, we’ve got 5 great alternatives to get you started.

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Mix up your make up routine

Grab a stash of reusable cotton pads and use them with warm water and cleanser to remove make-up. To clean them, just throw them in the wash with your clothes.

Mucky pups

Keep a damp towel close to the kids, they can use it for their mucky hands and you can use it to soak up spillages.

Sparkling clean

Use microfiber cloths with cleaning sprays to wipe sides, surfaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. They’re much tougher than wet wipes, so you can scrub even the most stubborn stains away.

So fresh, so clean

Add cleansing foam to pre-moisten your toilet paper. It’s just as good as a wet wipe, but a million times better for the sewers. Remember the three Ps for flushing, pee, poo and paper.

Baby wipe wonder

Try switching to reusable baby wipes for the little ones. They’re super soft on faces, bums, and tums and they can be cleaned in the washing machine.


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