5 tips to fight the fatberg

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The serious bit

Hands up if you watched the Fatberg Autopsy tv show in April. Pretty gross, right? Fatbergs are a huge problem in our sewer network and most of us have played a part in creating them.

Wipes, food, condoms, plastic, sanitary products, cotton wool and many other nasties continue to be thrown into drains, all sticking together to create a solid stinking mass. When this sits in the sewer, it means less waste can get to our waste treatment works.

Over time, fatbergs block pipes entirely, forcing raw sewage right back to where it came from. Clue: it’s wherever there’s a sink, a drain or a toilet.

The fun bit

Help us fight the fatberg by championing not throwing nasties into the toilet, down the kitchen sink, or into the street. Do you know someone that does? Let them know the dangers of adding to the fatberg, and where that raw sewage may end up.

We’ve pulled together some top tips to fight the fatberg below. Got some of your own? Let us know by using #FightTheFatberg or #BinIt on Facebook or Twitter.


Bin the nasties

Wipes, condoms, plastic, sanitary products, cotton wool, and dental floss are some of the biggest offenders in our sewers. Avoid a blockage by always throwing them in the bin, rather than flushing them down the toilet.


But it's flushable?

Many companies market products as ‘flushable’. The truth is, wipes contain plastic so don’t break down like toilet paper does. They may flush, but they may not completely leave your drains. Check out the video below to see for yourself.


Switch it up

There are loads of wet wipe alternatives on the market now, why not try a few? You’ll be helping the planet in more ways than one. You eco-legend! 


Lovely leftovers

Got some old gravy leftover from the Sunday roast? Resist the temptation to tip old food down the kitchen sink, and be sure to chuck it in the bin. If it’s more of a ‘liquid’ food such as gravy, use some kitchen roll to soak it up and then chuck the paper in the bin. 


Know your Ps

The three Ps is the best rule to remember when it comes to what’s flushable. Pee, poo, paper and nothing else. It really is that simple! 


Wet wipe challenge

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