Tips for the bathroom

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Even when the packaging says flushable, it’s not strictly true.

Wet wipes and other hygiene products include man-made materials which don’t break down quickly. Some can take years to degrade and while that’s happening they stay in the sewers, stuck to the pipes, gradually building up to trouble ahead.

Wipes which are wrongly described as ‘flushable’ include plastics that stay around for so long that they also have a negative effect on the environment.

The fact is, only toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in the sewer. So think again if you are tempted to flush something away. It might disappear from view, but it will actually be there for a long time. Hiding in the pipes and blocking drains.

So in the bathroom, remember the three Ps: pee, poo and toilet paper. Only these three should go down the loo. Use the bin for everything else, bin it – don’t block it.

Feminine hygiene products

Tampons and sanitary towels are designed to be compact. But because of this, they also don’t disintegrate quickly enough. They can clog your drains and force raw sewage back up into your bathroom. So please also put these in your bathroom bin.

Did you know?

Every hour, we clear 4.8 blockages caused by customers flushing wet wipes and feminine hygiene products down the loo. That’s 114.7 blockages a day which could be avoided by using a bin instead.