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WaterHelp and WaterSure

WaterHelp and WaterSure

If you’re finding it difficult to pay your bills, we want to do everything we can to help.

We’ve designed our WaterSure and WaterHelp schemes to lighten the load on low-income households, households with large families and individuals who have a water-dependent medical condition and make it easier for you to pay.

What’s WaterHelp?

If you live in a low-income household, we may be able to discount your bill through WaterHelp.

WaterHelp was previously known as WaterSure Plus until March 2020. It still has the same criteria and benefits – only the name has changed. If you’re already on the scheme, you don't need to do anything. Your bills and letters will change to show the new name over the course of the year.

If you qualify, we currently offer a 50% discount on your whole bill, although this amount may change in the future.

We consider households earning below £16,105, or below £19,565 in London boroughs, to be on a low income. In order to qualify, we’ll need to check your details and verify your income. You can find out more information on how we look at your income on the back of the application form.

What’s WaterSure?

If you’re on a water meter but finding it hard to save water because you have a large family or water-dependant medical condition, we may be able to cap your bills through WaterSure.

We always use the average price based on what other customers pay. For this year (2020/21), for example, we’d cap your bills at £395. If you already use less, you’ll keep paying less.

To qualify for the scheme, someone in your household:

  • Must receive a means tested benefit (see full list below) AND
  • Must have a medical condition that requires extra water OR three or more children under the age of 19 living at the property who make you eligible for child benefits

How do I apply?


Please download and fill out the relevant application form:

After completing your form, please send it to:

Extra Care Services
Thames Water
PO Box 508
SN38 2TX

You can also scan or photograph the completed form and email us.

If you'd prefer us to send you a form, call us on 0800 980 8800. We’re open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday.

If your hearing or speech is impaired, you can contact us using Relay UK.

If you’d like to talk through how to apply, need more information or want to chat about your individual circumstances, please call our Extra Care Services line on 0800 009 3652 from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.