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We want to support our customers who are struggling to pay their bills.

Our WaterHelp scheme can help if your water bill is a large proportion of your household income. This may be due to having a high water bill due to a large family, or that you are on a low income. 

Eligibility for WaterHelp

If your bill is more than 5% of your net income, you may be eligible for WaterHelp. This is also dependent on the number of occupants at the property.

We currently offer a 50% discount on your bill if you qualify. This amount may change in the future. In order to qualify, we'll need to check your details and verify your income.

Applying for WaterHelp

You can apply  over the phone Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm on  0800 980 8800.

If you need help contacting us, we have a range of contact support options available. An online assessment will be available later in the year. Please have the following information to hand:

  • Income you receive and any debts you have
  • Regular bills and any other outgoings
  • Your Thames Water account number (this is at the top of your bill)

Call 0800 980 8800  

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Once your assessment is completed, we’ll be in touch within 10 working days. Any discounts will be applied from the date of application. 

Extra support 

We have a range of support options to help you choose the right financial support and extra help for you

An agent takes a phone call

Help choosing the right support

If you’re unsure if WaterHelp is the right support for you, we can discuss your options over the phone on 0800 980 8800

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Get extra help

Our Priority Services Register can help provide extra support to you or someone you know.