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Spring has sprung with water saving tips

We encourage customers to save water throughout the year. This is particularly important in spring and summer when water use is increased. 

With the days getting longer and sunnier, we tend to use more water looking after our home and garden. This is in preparation for summer. 

Smart meter customers typically use around 13% less water each year! Customers with a smart meter can view their hourly water use online to see the water they’re using. 

We're here to help you save water and keep your garden growing with some spring water saving tips. It's the small changes that make the biggest difference.

Take a look at our spring water saving tips:


A lady uses a water butt in her garden

No ifs, just butts

Collecting rainwater off your roof into a water butt is a great way to save water. And your plants prefer fresh rain over treated water!
An elderly man watering some plants with a watering can

Swap to a watering can

Use a watering can instead of a hose. This will help slow the flow of water resulting in more water staying inside the pot. 


Train your plants

By giving your plants less water, it will encourage them to drink less. The plants will then make the water last longer. 

No water coming from bathroom tap

Turn off the taps

Remember to turn off your taps when brushing your teeth. Running a tap for one-minute uses 6 litres of water.

A lady turns on the shower

Take shorter showers

 A family of four could save as much as £670 a year on their annual energy and water bill by reducing time in the shower. 


Stay on top of weeding

Regularly weed your garden and mulch flowerbeds, base of shrubs and hanging baskets. This will help keep water retention.

We're here to help

Join our Priority Services Register. This is a free service for customers, who in a supply emergency need extra support.

If you’re struggling financially, we have financial support schemes available.

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Save water all year round

Take a look at how you can save water in your home all year round with our water saving tips.

Water saving tips 

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Check how much you use

See how much water and energy you use with our easy-to-use water saving calculator.

Water saving calculator