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Winter tips to beat the chill

From wrapping up your pipes to only using the water you need, now is the perfect time to get your home winter ready.

Customers with a smart meter can view their hourly water use online to see the water they’re using. Smart meter customers typically use around 13% less water each year!

Our winter water saving tips can help you save on your energy bills and beat the freeze. It’s the small changes that make the biggest difference.

Follow these tips to beat the chill this winter.

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Someone putting some lagging around a pipe

Insulate your pipes

Start by cutting the insulation pipe sleeve to the length you need. Wrap it onto the pipe and secure with tape, clamp, or cable ties. Presto!

A person adjusts a radiator valve

Check your radiators

Your radiators could have air in them preventing them from heating properly. Check for cold spots at the top, gurgling noises and if it takes longer to heat up.

someone clearing leaves from guttering

Clear gutters and drains

Help water drain away from your home by clearing clogged gutters and pipes twice a year. This will help prevent water spilling and structural damage too.

A man fixing a tap at the sink

Locate your stop tap

Know where your stop tap is and how to operate it to turn it off quickly. This will help in the event of an emergency such as a leak.

A plumber fixing under a sink

Have a plumber at hand

Keep the name and number of a qualified plumber in case of an emergency. We recommend a WaterSafe approved plumber.

A lady turning on a shower

Take shorter showers

If a family of four each reduced their shower time by one minute, they could save up to £95 in water and energy per year.

We're here to help

Join our Priority Services Register, a free service for customers, who in a supply emergency need extra support.

If you’re struggling financially, we have financial support schemes for households on low incomes.

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Check how much you use

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