What is a smart meter?

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Smart meters measure your water use remotely. They take hourly, automatic readings meaning your bills will reflect the amount of water you use. This means it's a fairer way to pay giving you control over your use and bills.

Benefits to you


Meters help protect our water supplies for future generations as customers use around 12 per cent less water on a meter.


Meters are the fairest way to pay as you only pay for what you use and therefore have the opportunity to save.


Heating water accounts for 21% of an average energy bill, so saving water also saves you money on your heating bill too.


You can go online or call us to understand how much water you’re using.


The meter is a little bit bigger than a drinks can and shows your water use on the top.

What our customers say

The process was fully explained to me and the actual installation wasn't disruptive.
Waltham Forest customer

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