Getting your smart meter

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Step by step guide

There are a few stages to getting your smart meter;

Getting meter ready

When it’s your turn, you’ll get a letter from us telling you we are going to be fitting meters in your area.

Preparing to fit - outside

If we are fitting your meter outside your home, we’ll try to fit it in the pavement, so you don’t need to be there.

So that you have early warning of any disruption, we’ll write to you a week or so before we start working on your street.

The first time we visit will be to dig a hole and put a meter box in the ground. A few days later we come back and screw in your meter.

We may need to turn your water off for a few minutes (but if you’re home we’ll always let you know first).

Preparing to fit – inside

If we’ve booked an appointment with you it will be because we may have to fit your meter inside. So when we first come to see you to we’ll look for where the meter could go and show you what it looks like. The appointment to fit your meter will take around an hour and we may need to turn your water off for a few minutes (but if you’re home we’ll always let you know first).

When the meter is inside your home, we may also need to put in some extra small pipes around the meter. But we'll always talk to you about this before we do any work.

Checking for leaks

The great thing about meters is that they show us if there are any leaks. Once your meter is fitted we’ll check remotely for leaks before activating your meter and starting you on your two year comparison journey.

Meters mean smarter

Once your meter is in place, our team will contact you to book a free Smarter Home Visit. During the visit we’ll give you advice about saving water and energy. We’ll bring some free gadgets to help you save money on your future bills, and we’ll even fit them for free too.

Login and look

It takes about ninety days for your water use to be ready to see online. We’ll write to you when you can to log on and look. This is the point where you start your two-year adjustment period.

Choosing to change

Changing over to a metered bill is easy. But we understand that you might want some time to understand how you use water in your home. So if you want, you don’t have move to a metered bill for two years. But if you do want to switch, you can straight away. The choice is yours.

Time to decide

If you decide not to switch to a metered bill straight away, we’ll show you the difference between the cost of your current bill and what your metered bill would be. Because the letters will show you how the meter could affect your bill, you will soon know if you would save money by switching to your metered account.

Whatever you decide to do – switch now or later - once your new meter is up and running, you’ll be able to look online to see how much water you’re using.

Your metered bill

After your two-year adjustment period, if you haven’t switched already, you’ll be automatically transferred to a metered account. Your metered bill will be made up of a fixed charge, plus the water you use, (including taking away the wastewater it becomes).

Booking your appointment

If it isn't possible to fit your meter outside, we'll need an appointment with you to find an alternative location. If we have contacted you to request an appointment please call one of the team to book on 0800 316 0989 using the property reference number on the top of your letter.

What our customers say

Very helpful and polite fitter, patient and moved things in the way. Fitted [the meter] quickly and efficiently, a pleasure to have in the house and I'm sure would put people at ease which is important. Thank you.