Getting your smart meter

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Step by step guide

There are a few stages to getting your smart meter;

Stages of fitting a meter

Step 1

Our team will drop by to explain more about your new smart meter, the next steps and answer any questions you have. Also, we’ll check your supply to make sure your meter only records your water use.

Step 2

We’ll try to fit your meter in the pavement, so you don’t need to be home.We’ll fit a meter box and come back in a few days to screw in your meter. We may need to turn your water off for about 20 minutes (but if you’re home we’ll let you know first). If we’ve booked an appointment with you, we’ll explain where we can fit the meter, and what it would look like. If we do need to fit the meter inside your home, there may also need to be some additional small pipes around your meter but we'll talk to you about this before we do the work. 

Step 3

We’ll check there are no leaks on your pipework before we activate your meter.

Step 4

Our team will contact you to book a free Smarter Home Visit to give you advice and fit free gadgets that will help you save water and energy, and reduce your future bills

Step 5

We’ll write to you as soon as your water use is ready to view online, this takes around two months. This is the start of your two-year adjustment period.

Step 6

For two-years after your meter’s fitted we’ll send you regular comparison letters so you can see how a meter could impact your bill, and if you could save money by moving to a metered account before the two-year period ends. If you choose to make this switch within the first year we’ll credit your account with any money you would have saved by switching straight away.

Step 7

After your two-year adjustment period, if you haven’t switched already, you’ll be automatically transferred to a metered account.

Booking your appointment

If it isn't possible to fit your meter outside, we'll need an appointment with you to find an alternative location. If we have contacted you to request an appointment please call one of the team to book on 0800 316 0989 using the property reference number on the top of your letter.

What our customers say

Very helpful and polite fitter, patient and moved things in the way. Fitted [the meter] quickly and efficiently, a pleasure to have in the house and I'm sure would put people at ease which is important. Thank you.