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Welcome to Thames Water

We’d like to welcome you as a new customer.

We want to be able to tell you about all the services we offer and show you that we’re here to help – especially if things go wrong or you need extra support.

Changes to the way you pay

From 1 April 2021, the way you pay for water and wastewater services is changing. Instead of paying for these as part of rent or service charges, you’ll start to pay us directly.

The change will help us learn more about you, so we can make sure we offer you the services that suit your needs.

Your local authority or housing association won’t accept payments for water bills covering the period after this date.

Paying your bill

We’ll send your first bill in mid to late March ready for your first payment in April. We recommend you set up a Direct Debit, as it’s the easiest, hassle-free way to pay. You can find more information, along with other ways to pay.

If you haven’t told us how you’d like to pay, we’ll split your bill into monthly instalments. We’ll send you a payment card, which you can take to any shop that accepts PayPoint to pay your bill over the counter. If you prefer, you can change to weekly or fortnightly instalments.

It’s important not to miss a payment, as you’ll then be in arrears and it could affect your credit score. If your bill is overdue, please arrange to pay straight away. Alternatively, we have several ways to help you, so contact us as soon as you think you’re going to have difficulties paying.

Help with your bill

We understand that bills can be a worry, and we want to help if you feel you’ll struggle to pay.

If you qualify, our WaterHelp scheme can reduce your bills by up to 50%.

If you’re already on WaterHelp, this won’t change and you’ll continue to receive 50% off your bill. We’ll be in touch to check you’re still eligible, so please make sure you reply promptly to any letters.

Another way to control your bill is to get a water meter fitted, because you only pay for the amount you use.

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