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Request a water meter

Water meters are the fairest way to pay, as your bill is based on the amount of water you use.

If you’d like a water meter and you're the bill payer, you can apply in your online account. You can also apply if you rent your home and have a tenancy of six months or more. This page explains what happens next. 

We’re also rolling out compulsory water meters across the region, to help protect everyone’s supply for the future. The Water Industry Act 1991 gives us legal authority to do this and if you don’t already have one yet, we’ll be contacting you in the next few years.

Log in to request a meter

If you're not sure if you have a meter, you can check by looking at your bill.

We'll contact you within 14 days of receiving your application to arrange a survey at your home. This is to check the best place to fit your meter.

Your survey

We'll always aim to fit your meter outside your home. This is so we can read and maintain it without having to disturb you. We'll conduct a survey to check we can fit your meter outside. We'll then come back to fit it when we have permission from the local highways to work there.

If we can’t fit a meter outside, we'll look to see if it can be fitted elsewhere. This may be inside your home. In this case, we'll either fit a meter during the survey or come back and fit it at a time that suits you.

Fitting your meter

We'll fit your meter either outside your property or inside your home within 50 days from your request.

Outside your home

If we can fit your meter outside, you don't need to be at home when we carry out this work. We'll need to turn your water off for around 20 minutes. We'll always let you know first when we need to do this.

Inside your home

This will be an arranged appointment with you. Fitting normally takes around 45 minutes and we'll need to turn your water off for around 30 minutes.

Once it's fitted, we'll leave you a leaflet giving you all the information you need about your new meter. This includes ways to help you save water, energy and money.

How you will be billed

We’ll automatically switch you to metered bills. You’ll receive a final, unmetered bill and your first metered bill on our metered tariff six months’ later.

If you pay in instalments, your plan will remain in place and any changes to the amount will be confirmed. You can set up a payment plan and monthly Direct Debits payments for a hassle-free way to pay your bills in your online account.