Help understanding your bill

We issue the annual bill for customers who don’t have a water meter from mid-February to mid-April. Whereas if you have a water meter your bill will arrive every six months based on the dates we read your meter.

If you have a query check our most frequently asked questions below.

On my bill

Your account number has changed from a 10 digit to a 12 digit number because we’ve upgraded our systems so that we’re able to provide a better service. You should use your new 12 digit account number from now on.

If you’re logging into your online account for the first time in a while you may be asked to reset your password.

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During 2019 we upgraded our systems to improve our service to you. When we upgraded your account all payments that you’d made up to that point were included in your transferred balance, which is shown on page 2 of your bill. So on page 1 of your bill you’ll only see payments made after that date.

This is not an additional charge. When we upgraded our system this may have either been the balance on your account at that time or an outstanding balance from a previous bill. It takes into account all the payments you made on your account up to that point.

Payment plan

The annual bill for customers without a meter includes charges for the year ahead eg 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. We send the bill during February and March each year so you can plan ahead for any changes to your payment. However, if you pay by instalment, this may be before you have completed your previous year’s payments in February and March. These are shown as remaining instalments on page 1 of your bill.

If you’ve chosen to pay weekly or fortnightly you’ll find a handy checklist on the last page of your bill listing the payment amount and dates. If you pay monthly or less often, the due dates for your payments are:

A table showing the payment schedule for 2020 2021

You have two ways you can spread your payments across the year:

1. Set up a Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a quick and hassle-free way to pay your bill, either in one go or over several months. As payments will leave your account automatically, all you need to do is pick:

    how often you’d like to pay
  • what day of the month you’d like to pay
  • when you’d like payments to start

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2. Set up a payment and pay with a PayPoint Card

Splitting your bill into regular instalments makes it easier to manage your bills and your budget. With our handy PayPoint card, you can pay each instalment at any of the hundreds of PayPoint outlets in the UK. Please allow up to five days for your payment to reach your Thames Water account.

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Understanding my charges

The way we charge you depends on your situation - simply click the relevant button below to find out more:

I have a water meter

I don't have a water meter

We know it can be a bit worrying if your bill is higher than you expected. We’ve put together a handy list to help you find out why your bill is costing you more. If there’s a problem, we’ll help you find the best way to put it right.

Ways to pay

To manage your payments using your bank’s telephone, online or remote banking service, simply provide them with the following information:

Your payment reference: Your account number, which is on the front of your bill (we need this to allocate your payment to your account)

Our account number: 00286125

Our sort code: 57-27-53

We’ve recently upgraded our systems to improve our service to you and as part of this we moved from payment books to PayPoint cards. You should already have received your PayPoint card by post in mid-February 2020.

With our handy PayPoint card, you can pay each instalment at any of the hundreds of PayPoint outlets in the UK.

We may be able to help you reduce the costs of your bills before you fall too far behind, which will help to protect your credit rating for the future. This could include switching you to a meter, setting you up on a payment plan, offering you a discount or signing you up to one of our other special schemes. If you’re struggling to pay, we’re here to help.

Help to pay

If you’re finding it difficult to pay your bills, we want to do everything we can to help.

We’ve designed our WaterHelp and WaterSure schemes to lighten the load on low-income households, households with large families and individuals who have a water-dependent medical condition, making it easier for you to pay.

If you'd like more information on our charges, visit our dedicated help page.