Do you have an unusually high bill?

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There are a number of possible reasons your water bill could be higher than you expected. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons to help you understand your bill:

If you have a water meter

You might be using more water than you expect:

  • You may have a problem with one of your appliances, such as a dripping tap or a washing machine flood.
  • If you’ve had visitors to stay or someone else has moved into your property, the amount of water you used will have increased.
  • Activities such as building, renovation or decorating could mean you have used more water than normal.
  • Using a hosepipe or sprinkler will significantly increase the amount of water used. Using a water butt instead to collect rainwater you can reuse can help.

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Your bill explained

  • Have you checked the dates? Your current bill may cover a longer period of time than your previous bill.
  • If you have noticed your direct debit payments have increased, it’s possible that your last bill was based on an estimate. If it was estimated too low, your current bill may include actual usage charges from previous periods, as well as the charge for your usage in this period.

There could be an issue with your supply

  • If you still think your bill is higher than it should be, you might have a leaking pipe at your property.

Find out how to test for a leak

If you don’t have a water meter

Bills for unmetered properties built before 1989 are based on the chargeable value of the property (also known as the rateable value). The chargeable value was set by the Valuation Office at the Inland Revenue and is not related to your council tax banding. 

Water meters are generally recognised as the fairest way to pay for your water as you pay for the amount you use plus a fixed charge. 

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Help paying your bill

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to help.

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You can also read our leaflet, which explains how we can help if you are having problems paying your water bill.

You may be eligible for one of four schemes available for customers who are in financial hardship and are unable to pay their bill.

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