How we charge you for wastewater only

How we charge you

Depending on where you live, we may only take away your wastewater. Another company, such as Affinity Water, South East Water, SES Water or Essex & Suffolk Water, will supply the water that comes out of your taps. We work with your water supplier to send you one combined bill, making life simpler.

Who should I contact about wastewater if I’m billed by another company?

If you have questions about your bill or account: Please contact your water supplier for help. If you’d like some general background information on how we calculate your wastewater charges, you can use our handy guides on these pages:

I have a water meter

I don't have a water meter

Blocked sewers: If you spot a drain that’s blocked or overflowing, we really appreciate you taking the time to report it to us. We’re committed to protecting our rivers and the world around us from pollution, and we’ll take steps to address the problem as quickly as we can.