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Our Customer Challenge Group

Putting customers at the heart of Thames Water's plans and actions

The Thames Water Customer Challenge Group (CCG) exists as an independent body. They provide thorough reporting and commentary to all our customers, the public and Ofwat. CCG members have been selected from a cross-section of customers, regulators and other groups who play an important part in the life of our region. Every year, the CCG gives its view on how well we’re meeting its commitments. They provide a formal report to our regulator, Ofwat, in response to consultations and questions. They also comment on our future plans.

Our mission

With the support of the CCG, our mission is to represent the needs and interests of current and future customers. They help to ensure we develop and deliver an affordable and sustainable business plan. They also encourage the company to consider the impacts on the environment and wider society in a customer context.

The CCG's key objectives are to be:

  • Independent.
  • Customer focused.
  • Transparent (to customers, stakeholders, Ofwat and the company)
  • Able to offer a balanced view in the light of the external environment eg. customer needs, environment challenges, regulation.

Performance reports

Reports to Ofwat

Occasionally, the Customer Challenge Group will write formally to Ofwat, responding to consultations and questions that Ofwat has asked. Sometimes the CCG will be addressing a particular issue. At key points in the regulatory cycle, the CCG formally submits a document assessing Thames Water's future plans.

Meeting minutes from the CCG

The Thames Water CCG is keen to publish its minutes. However we recognise that it may be helpful to provide some further context each month. This is to explain what the CCG is looking at and what stage of the price control process it has reached. If you'd like to see minutes from before January 2019, please email the CCG team.

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