Our wholesale charges

Our wholesale charges

Charges related to our services can be found in the wholesale tariff document below. For full service information please refer to our wholesale service offering.

Charges when the contracted retailer changes

If a non-household customer moves to a new retailer, we’ll make sure that the outgoing and incoming retailer are fully aware of any outstanding service requests for that customer.

Incoming retailers will receive a status report of these service requests, while the outgoing retailer will be informed when requested services have been delivered.

If there are charges pending for any services at the time of transfer, these will be invoiced to the outgoing retailer.

Planned charges for 2021-22 

Our intended approach to setting wholesale charges for 2021-22 can be seen in our Statement of Indicative Scope for 2021-22 Wholesale Charges.

Our charges for 2020-21

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