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Water supply interruptions

It’s our job to provide you with the water you need. However, your water supply might at times be interrupted – for example, due to a burst water main.  

We go through how you can prepare, and what to do during and after a supply interruption.

How to prepare

Store bottled water in advance 

Keep some bottled water on hand. Make sure to check the ‘use by’ date on bottled water before drinking it.

Register for Priority Services

Our Priority Services Register (PSR) helps customers who need a little extra support. 

We'll prioritise delivering bottled water to PSR members during supply interruptions who are:

  • mobility impaired
  • medically dependent on water

  • blind

  • aged over 90

  • suffering a short-term illness or injury lasting more than two weeks

You can register online for Priority Services. Please note applications can take time to process. Registering during a supply interruption won’t mean support is provided immediately.  

If you're not registered on PSR and need support during a supply interruption, call us on 0800 316 9800.

A daughter helps her mother with a walking frame

During a supply interruption

Check on neighbours who need extra help

It may take time for us to help those who need it most. Please check on your neighbours to ensure they're safe and have access to essentials. 

Stay up to date

Visit our network latest page for updates on incidents occurring in your area. 

Collect or request bottled water

If a large number of customers are likely to be without water for a significant amount of time, we’ll aim to set up bottled water stations. We’ll follow Government guidelines to provide at least 10 litres of bottled water per person per day.

Details about our bottled water stations can be found on individual incident pages.

During a supply interruption, you can request bottled water if you have a short-term illness or injury, or if you’re eligible for our PSR but haven’t yet registered. Please call us as soon as possible on 0800 316 9800.

Team members and couriers delivering bottled water, will wear branded orange protective clothing.

Please be efficient with your bottled water, so there’s enough to go round. For example, you could collect water from hand washing to flush your loo. When flushing, it’s more efficient to pour water into the cistern rather than directly into the pan. 

A Thames worker delivers bottled water to a customers home

After a supply interruption

When supplies come back on

You can find out what to expect when your water returns on our website. 

Compensation for supply interruptions

Customers affected will be compensated in line with our Customer Guarantee Scheme.

Our commercial customers should contact their retailers.