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Improving 600 metres of water mains

600 metres of water mains between Seven Sisters Road and Finsbury Park Road are set to be improved. The £20 million investment will help prevent less leaks and bursts.

The sprawling underground network was built in Victorian times, with 1,000s of buildings put on top of it all.

This makes upgrade work incredibly complex. The team even had to work on pipes which they could only get to under a corner shop floor!

A large pipe running through an estate

Using innovative techniques

As these pipes supply over tens of thousands of homes, it was crucial we found the most efficient way to upgrade them for everyone. Traditional lining techniques would have meant long-term disruption for locals. 

We opted for an innovative technique called ‘Die Draw’ so we only need to dig up a little bit of the road for less disruption.
How the project will help:

  • Less disruptions  
  • Building resilience 
  • Less leaks, less bursts
Five images showing the large pipes being laid in the Seven Sisters area.