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Network resilience projects

We're investing in our London network. Between 2020-25, we're upgrading our largest trunk and distribution mains. London's water mains pipes are some of our oldest assets dating from the Victorian era with many over 150 years old.

The pipes make up 90% of our entire network and are a whopping one metre in diameter! They help to move massive amounts of water to our customers’ homes and businesses.

To help identify the most urgent replacements, we’re working alongside technology companies to assess and measure the state of pipes across our network. 

We’re also proactively monitoring for leaks so we can repair them quickly and respond to bursts. Roughly a third of reported leakage comes from customers’ own pipework. With two thirds of leakage then lost from our network of 20,000 miles of distribution mains.  

That’s why we’re working hard to help improve our network by upgrading our main systems across London with a range of projects:

A large pipe in the street

A large pipe running across a street

Improving water mains

600 metres of water mains between Seven Sisters Road and Finsbury Park Road are set to be improved.

View water mains project
An aerial view of a large pipe in a field

Upgrading pipes for the network

We’re investing £25 million to upgrade 16km of pipes for the network travelling.

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Aerial view of pipes in a field

Preventing leaks and bursts

We're investing £2.5 million on of Victorian pipework in Gloucester during May to November 2023.

View leaks and bursts project
Thames Water workers in a tunnel

Helping the growing water demand

Replacing the water main called “Millennium Main” in Deptford to help the growing water demand.

View water demand project

Once the projects are complete, it will help to:

  • Cause less disruptions
  • Provide a more reliable water supply
  • Improve water pressure
  • Increase trunk main capacity
  • Restore Thames Water’s trunk main network resilience
  • Adapt the network pipes due to the growing population in the area