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Sound shields help keep the peace in England’s most beautiful village

Tuesday 18th August 2020 12:38

Bibury tankering

Thames Water used state-of-the-art acoustic shields to cut down on noise while working in England’s “most beautiful village”.

Sound barriers were used to protect the tranquillity of idyllic Bibury in the Cotswolds, where a tanker had recently been used to protect the environment from a burst sewer pipe.

After speaking with residents and local councillors, the team returned to the village to trial different ways of setting up the site so future work could be carried out in the least intrusive way.

The lightweight barriers, which are scientifically developed to achieve a noise reduction of up to 43 decibels, the same as a kitchen fridge, were installed around the tanker to deflect any noise away from homes and businesses.

In addition, engineers used different pumping techniques to cut down on engine revolutions, reducing the noise by a whopping 70%.

The team also moved the tanker to a more discreet location on the road, meaning it was less visible to locals and no longer required any part of the road to be closed to motorists.

Alex Saunders, Thames Water’s regional waste manager, said: “Tankers are an important part of our armoury while tackling sewage and protecting the environment but we understand they can be disruptive for residents.

“We’re delighted we were able to work with locals in Bibury to reduce the impact of noise and hide a potential eyesore, all while continuing to carry out our vital work.

“The lessons we’ve learned here can now be used elsewhere in the region to ensure we minimise disruption to customers.”

Bibury, which is home to more than 600 people, was once described by poet William Morris as “the most beautiful village in England” and can be seen on the inside cover of all UK passports, making it the most widely-depicted village in the world.