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Thames Water reinvests £3 million from third party damage claims

Monday 15th June 2020 13:52

A water pipe was damaged by developers working on a house

Thames Water has recovered almost £3 million in the last year after sewers, drains and water pipes were damaged by third party work.

All of this money is reinvested back into crucial work to provide clean and wastewater services to 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley.

Some of the damage caused included water mains which were hit and burst, pipes pierced by drills and even giant “concretebergs”, which formed in the sewers after wet concrete was poured down the drain.

By pursuing those responsible for the cost of repairs, Thames Water recovered £2.98 million in 2019/20, bringing the total in the last five years to almost £10 million from about 2,000 claims.

Jenny Elliott, Thames Water’s cost recovery manager, said: “While damage is often unintentional, it can cause huge problems in both the clean and wastewater network, with the potential to affect services to millions of customers.

“All the money recovered goes back into the business which is so important now more than ever.”

Thames Water has continued to carry out essential work during the coronavirus outbreak, in line with government guidelines.