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Thames Water funds further apprenticeships to support lifelong learning in the workplace 

Friday 12th November 2021 11:58

A man in a yellow jumpers speak to two colleagues.

  • Thames Water to offer over 100 apprenticeships to internal colleagues looking to expand their career opportunities 
  • Colleagues will be supported during the working week to study and further enhance their skills
  • Thames Water is committed to increasing the number of apprenticeships it offers, as part of its wider strategy to boost skills and opportunities within its workforce.

Sixty-two Thames Water employees are taking advantage of new apprenticeships to learn skills and gain qualifications to boost their careers and future opportunities. The company is offering industry approved apprenticeships as part of its commitment to expand lifelong learning opportunities for its workforce.

A further 60 to 70 apprenticeships will be offered out in the coming months. These are available to current employees and involve training in a range of business areas, from finance to marketing. 

Karima Khandker, Head of Skills and Emerging Talent at Thames Water said: “We want to ensure our people receive the right investment in skills development to have successful and sustainable careers. We have increased our apprenticeship offer from level two to include degree level options, open to existing colleagues to help them progress and develop within their roles.”

Thames Water employees are given time in their working week to study and complete assignments as part of their apprenticeship, which vary in content and length depending on the employee’s job role.   

Thames Water is committed to increasing the number of apprenticeships it offers, as part of its wider strategy to boost skills and opportunities within its workforce. The company has recently announced its shared apprenticeships scheme which is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK’s utility sector. Last year it joined the 5% Club, meaning it has committed to five per cent of its workforce being apprentices and or graduates in the next five years. 

Thames Water has also created 100 new placements for unemployed 16 to 24-year olds, as part of the government’s £2 billion Kickstart scheme. These placements will help young people start their career journeys. 

The apprenticeship programme is currently open to existing colleagues when there is a qualification available that links to their existing role and supports its development. For further information on some of Thames Water’s apprentices read below: 

Darryl Archer, Street Works Fines and Charges Manager, is 35 years old and based at the company’s headquarters in Reading. He is currently completing a four year-long chartered management degree programme, with five modules on topics such as business ethics and political impact. He leads a team of over 20 employees and dedicates his Wednesdays to studying for his module assessments, completing assignments every five to six weeks. 

Darryl said: “I have spent 17 years at Thames Water. I felt I’d learnt loads anyway, but this apprenticeship has opened my eyes to so much more that goes on. I have delved deeper into finance, marketing and politics and have developed a lot. I am thankful to my manager who supports me in taking time out for my training, knowing it will improve my contribution to the company.”

Hasan Iqbal, Assistant Quantity Surveyor, is 26 years old and also based in Reading. He is currently completing a two year-long chartered surveyor masters programme, covering topics from contract law to environmental construction. Hasan has a science background, so has been completing this apprenticeship to gain more insight into surveying. 

Hasan said: “Part of my job is understanding different contract types. Being from a science background this was new to me, but I learnt all about them in my second lecture. I am learning so many new skills already, I believe this apprenticeship will push me to another level.”

Visit the Thames Water careers website for more information. Find out more about apprenticeship standards.