Why are we fitting meters?

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We provide around 2.6 billion litres of clean water every day to more than fifteen million people across London and the Thames Valley. This is an area that the Secretary of State for Environment has said is seriously water stressed (where the demand for water is higher than the amount available).

A combination of the population increasing and climate change, means we have a shortfall between the water we can supply and the water our customers use as shown by the graph below. Fitting free smart meters is one of many ways we are working to address the supply and demand gap in the immediate future as metered customers tend to use an average of 12% less water. 

Meters also provide greater visibility of where water is used. As a customer this allows you greater visibility and control over your household water use and your bills. As the supplier, meters provide us with a better understanding of where the water is being used and being lost through leaking pipes meaning we can quickly find and fix leaks faster.

Forecast gap between supply and demand in London

Forecast gap between supply and demand in London

Source: Water Resources Management Plan, 2014

Smarter home visits

As part of fitting meters we are offering customers a free Smarter Home Visit, where we visit your home, review how you are using water and provide you with bespoke water saving tips and free water efficient gadgets. This is available to all our customers starting with London and working borough by borough.  This approach means all customers are treated in a fair and consistent manner, helping everyone use water more efficiently. To find out when we're working in your area click here.

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