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Praise in pictures for key sewage workers

Friday 17th April 2020 11:00

A handwritten message attached to a fence that reads 'Thank you for giving us clean water'.

Key workers responsible for maintaining Thames Water’s sewage works in a small Cotswolds village have received a morale boost from some talented local artists.

The fence around Guiting Power sewage works, which treats the waste of 250 villagers, has been decorated with posters and messages of thanks for the people who are “keeping the water running”.

The colourful pictures also include rainbows which have become synonymous with support for key workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thames Water’s Oliver Hughes, who works at the site, said: “As key workers providing vital clean and wastewater services, it's lovely to have our efforts recognised by the communities we serve. A big thank you to those who took the time to create these works of art which cheer us up every time we drive into the site.”

For more information on Thames Water’s essential work during the pandemic, along with support being offered to customers who may be struggling with paying bills, please visit our dedicated coronavirus page.