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Do I need a new water connection?

Many customers get in touch with us because their plumber, architect or builder have told them to contact Thames Water, but they’re not sure what exactly they need. Here we’ve answered your questions:

Are we your supplier?

Use the postcode checker from Water UK to confirm we are your water supplier.

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Do I need a new water main or a new water connection?

People often talk about ‘new water mains’ when they really mean a new water supply pipe from their home to the water main. This is actually called a ‘water service connection’. Water mains supply lots of properties, while service connections take this water from the mains to our homes.

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Why aren’t I getting enough water from my tap?

If the flow out of your tap is less than usual, this can be for a variety of reasons. Take a look at our troubleshooting steps to find out more.

How do I get more water flow into my property?

If there are no issues with your plumbing, but you’re still not getting enough water into your property, you might need to upgrade to a bigger pipe. The wider the service connection pipe, the more water will flow into your property from the water main.

To upgrade, you need to apply for a new water service connection.

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I’m extending my property/building an annexe, do I need a new water supply?

If you’re building an extension to your property – especially if you’re adding a new bathroom – you might need more water. By upgrading to a bigger service pipe more water will flow into your property.

To upgrade, you need to apply for a new water service connection.

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What if my water supply is shared with my neighbour?

If you’re not sure if you’re on a shared water connection, a good way to tell is if you’re not getting enough water at peak times (first thing in the morning or early evening). Older terraced properties are more likely to have a shared water supply.

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How do I apply for a new water connection for the new property I’m building?

If you’re building a new house, block of flats, commercial unit or industrial site and need a water supply, you need to apply for a new connection to our water main.

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Can I move my water meter?

If your water meter is fitted within your house or property boundary, we can usually move it for you.

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Next steps

If you’ve decided you need a new water connection, please check that we’re your supplier and take a look at the connection process and costs.