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We're offering our customers in Oxford free Smarter Home visits to help save water, energy and up to £180 on your annual bills.

About the Smarter Home Visit

During the short visit of around 45 minutes, our water efficiency expert will fit water-saving devices to your taps, toilets and showers to reduce how much you use without affecting their performance, saving you money on your metered water and energy bills.

We're also offering to fix customers' leaky loos for free. A leaky loo may appear as a small, constant trickle of water at the pack of the pan, but can waste five bathtubs of water each day and add £300 to metered customers; annual bills.

To book your Smarter Home Visit, call 0800 043 3277 or email with your address and contact details an we'll be in touch to book an appointment.

Here’s what our customers have said

  • "Very pleasant chap, excellent advice, good water-saving gadgets."
  • "Informative, efficient fitting of bits to taps to improve water use. Also very prompt follow up on issues identified during the audit for later resolution."
  • "Very informative, incredibly nice staff, useful water saving goodies given free of charge. Thank you!"

Do you have a leaky loo?

If your toilet looks like the one shown in this video or worse, you’ve got a leaky loo. Don’t worry though, as we're offering to fix leaky loos in Lewisham for free!

Water-saving freebies

Oxford families can also save up to £180 on annual bills with our water, energy and money-saving freebies.

These easy-to-fit devices can help you save water, energy and money without affecting performance.

This means you can fit them, forget about them and save money.

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How much do you use?

The Oxford area is classed as “seriously water-stressed” by the Environment Agency, meaning all sources of usable water are already in use.

Find out how much water and energy you use – and how much money you could save – by using our simple calculator.

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